If you think every high school band is a garage band you’ve never witnessed anything like the Brazen Youth. Formed two years ago by then 15 year olds Charlie Dahlke and Nick Lussier, the singer/songwriter duo has taken Atmospheric Alternative/Indie Rock to a place way beyond their years. Honored at the 2015 Whalie Awards, they picked up Song of the Year and Best Indie Performance amongst their many nominations. This came on the heels of Brazen Youth’s winning performance at the Hard Rock Café in Boston during the New England RADAR Awards for the best act under 21 in New England.
Their debut Album “New Life” contained memorable cuts like “Alright” that Skope Magazine called…. “a melodic testimony to rising above and moving forward regardless the challenge. It is hearfelt and beautiful…”

Currently Dahlke and Lussier are in a high tech studio on a 100 acre working shoreline farm developing their next concept album “The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man”. It’s here they are learning how the cycle of life is faced everday. They have just released the single “Reassess Me” off the album. With Nick on lead vocals and guitar and Charlie on keyboard, vocals and saw, the planned release date for the album is sometime in 2016.
It’s hard to believe that they still have one more year of high school ahead of them, but after that they look forward to moving to Iceland, a landscape that fits the music perfectly. It’s the next good place to journey if they want to conquer the world.

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