Hartford needed a funky marching band to bring brass, ruckus, and joy to all the parties. In 2012, Hartford Hot Several set out to be that band. You remember how in the intro to The A-Team, it said, “If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire … THE A-TEAM”? Hartford Hot Several are pretty much like that, provided that the problem you have is a lack of brass and ruckus. Also, they don’t punch dudes, they’re not on the run from the law (yet), and they’re pretty easy to find. That said, they do have a sweet bus!

Josh Michtom: Voice, euphonium, hesitant, self-conscious leadership;
Rich Hovorka: Trombone;
Chandra Rivers: Trombone;
Joe Barber: Sax;
Anne Thompson: Sax;
John Hall: Sax;
Megan O’brien: Sax;
Taylor Warinsky: Sax;
Kate Czaplinski: Sax
Lisa Garofalo: Piccolo, flute;
Kelly Loveday: Piccolo
J. Holt: Trumpet;
Sam Dunlap: Trumpet;
Nigel Pepin: Trumpet;
Emily Cahill: Trumpet;
Hannah Simms: Clarinet;
Topher Polack: Clarinet;
Meg Hourigan: Euphonium;
Darcy St. Onge: Squeezebox;
Chion Wolf: Bass drum, seamstress, whiskey;
Kris Schmolze: Bass drum, sundry percussion;
Chris Brown: Snare drum;
Jeff Jahnke: Snare drum, other drums;
Lauren Perrault: washboard;
Constanza Segovia: cowbell, cymbal;
Caroline Finnegan: G├╝iro, tambourine;
Max Michtom: Trumpet, percussion, melodica, dancing;
Reuben Michtom: Melodica, percussion, dancing;
Matt Piros: Sousaphone, trombone, other horns;
Sam King: Trumpet, quad, tambourine;
Kevin McKernan: Feats of manly strength;
Adam Prizio: Percussion, westward expansion;
Anna Doroghazi: Percussion, westward expansion

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