Ah yes, The Hempsteadys. A band whose origins are shrouded in mystery. What misfortune has brought this defiant reggae to the gentle shores of New London? Who can really say? Born of punk rock, fused with the sounds of the surf, the sands and the streets, and powered by the NLC All-Stars, The Hempsteadys are the beat that moves Hempstead Street.

Hailed as “The Wu-Tang Clan of Ska Bands”, you will not be able to avoid the grinding bodies on the dance floor bending to our gritty sound system. Our haunting horns will stay with you in your dreams. You will continue to feel our heavy beats as time slowly marches on. And as you come to know our tales of zombies, raucous behavior, and beautiful women, you will arrive at the simple truth. This, my friends, is Mob-Mentality Reggae.

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