Adios Ghost started in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn as the home recording project of Ben Sigerson. It expanded quickly in scope and direction with the addition of Simon Davenport, Jimmy Stull–friends from college in Madison, Wisconsin–and A. Loew, a friend from growing up in DC. Their early practices were held in cramped, by-the-hour rehearsal spaces in Midtown Manhattan, followed by a brief stay in a dingy Clinton Hill garage, before settling in their current warehouse basement in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Taking their name from a line in a Big L song, Adios Ghost has slowly and painstakingly woven their sound together out of equally unlikely elements, including psych, early house, indie folk and West African guitar music.

Adios Ghost’s debut EP was released in January 2013 on 12” vinyl and is available for streaming and download at The EP met with praise from a number of well-regarded music blogs, and was described as “wild and worldly”, “full bodied, and impassioned” and “intensely colourful”. Since the release, they’ve slowly built a following in and around Brooklyn. They’re currently working on their first full-length release, the first single from which will be coming out in late 2014. Follow them on Twitter (@AdiosGhost) and Instagram (@Adios_Ghost).

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