Before even listening to The Silks’ impossibly great album, Last American Band , you can learn a lot about the spirit of the band from a couple of quotes from its longhaired frontman, Tyler-James Kelly. When rain began to fall at their recent Riotfest gig in Chicago (which also featured The Replacements reunion, fronted by Paul Westerberg, who happened to produce The Silks’ album), Kelly said to the crowd, “Let’s make this rain romantic and get into a lot of trouble.” On talking about the energy of The Silks, Tyler-James explains, “We all totally lock in when we play. At the end of the day, we’re just a bunch of animals who want to rock. It’s not a careerist thing. We got together so we could f*ckin’ play music together.” Kelly means what he says and with one click on the audio player below to hear the first cut of the album, Livin’ In the World, you learn quickly that you are meeting a lead singer and band committed to carry on the rock/blues spirit and passion that has been laid down from the delta blues masters, up through Led Zep, Faces and The Stones. Kelly’s voice sounds familiar and older than his years and bassist Jonas Parmelee and drummer Matt Donnelly perfectly bond with Tyler James’ exquisite finger picking and growling riffs. Click forward below and listen one of the most infectious tunes we’ve heard in recent times, Mountain Man. Now imagine yourself at that Riotfest show mentioned above. Soft rain falling, beer in hand, The Silks kick in and you just start to MOVE. Everything is perfect. This song, this album, this band – they’re keepers. Now, as Tyler James said, go get into some trouble. Be sure to buy this fantastic record and experience The Silks’ live.

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