The Adarna created a high-energy breed of rock n roll born out of the notion of society being over-saturated by technology. They call this genre “Jet City Rock” as a tribute to their hometown of Seattle.

In 2012, The Adarna released a fan-funded album that is airing on over 200+ college radio stations in addition to Sirius XM, Armed Forces Radio, and music videos that are being aired in 78 countries to 10 million households. In nearly three years, they’ve completed 3 North American Tours while averaging 80-120 shows per year. Their latest tour, Rise Up Tour, is a nation-wide tour of venues, colleges, and conventions (anime, comic & sci-fi).

What’s an Adarna show like? Big hooks. High energy. No backing tracks, no pitch correction, and no divide between the audience and the performer–together they’ll share the experience.

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