“Jennifer Dauphinais is a songwriter’s songwriter. She takes her time with her compositions, seeing them through the stages of life, the way a parent watches a child grow. Heavy-handed when necessary, helpless at other times, in love from start to finish.” – Chip McCabe, Lonesome Noise

Influenced by the emotional roots of country, the confessional poetry of folk, and the spatial freedom of ambient and harmonic tones, Ponybird is the solo project of Jennifer Dauphinais, an evolving artist who translates something both introspective and infinite all at once. The heart of Ponybird is derived from a central singer-songwriter focus, with a tribe of players that satellite the work. (This format allows the flexibility for booking the project as a solo, duo, or full-band performance.) Performing regionally, Ponybird has shared the bill with noteable acts such as Vetiver, Sarah Lee Guthrie, Blood Warrior, Amy LaVere & Will Sexton, Alexander Turnquist, Arborea, Violent Mae, James Maple, and Kerri Powers.

Listening to Ponybird, puts the audience on the verge of discovering a unique blend of genres, while capturing etherial and authentic song-writing with a lean toward introspection. Both home-recorded releases, Climb Yourself Up, and Full Cold Moon, were chosen as Top Ten Releases of the Year by the New Haven Register. A third release, Modest Quarters, which was released in July 2014, was produced and recorded at Dirt Floor Studios in Chester, CT, with co-producers Eric Lichter & James Maple. The album takes the DIY aesthetic of Ponybird’s previous works, and fleshes them out into fuller production with the collaboration of several CT musicians, Rebecca Kessler (Violent Mae), James Maple, Kerri Powers, Erik Elliger (Good Night Blue Moon), John Panos (Kings, Mates of State), Jason Bates, Matt Thomas & Chris Klouman (M.T. Bearington), as well as performances from producer Eric Lichter.

Dauphinais is also known for performing with folk-roots innovator, Christina Abbott in their duo, The Karner Blues, as well as heavy rock bands, Belle Starr, The Editors, and Spider & Fly. Dauphinais also wrote for the New Haven Advocate entertainment section, and hosted a radio show on WYBC 1340 AM with co-host Craig Gilbert. As Daylight Photography, she is best known for capturing bands behind the lens (see Crooked Hook’s album cover The Captain Will Be Your Guide ) and continues to ghost write for local venues, labels, and independent bands.

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