loom is a four-piece from Bethel, Conn., that makes heavy, dreamy pop with heart. The band is comprised of singer-songwriter Danielle Capalbo (guitars, vox), her brother Will Touri (lead guitar), drummer Jared Thompson (Spectral Fangs, The Field Recordings) and bassist Ashley Kenney (Lucky Seven). Danielle’s disarming vocals and keen songwriting are the backbone for the band’s subtle unorthodox pop music.

At turns shoe gaze and anthemic, loom conjures the likes of Wye Oak or Slowdive. While relatively young—Capalbo assembled the group in winter 2014—loom has already drawn attention, with debut B-Side “Every Crime” named one of WCNI’s Top 10 songs of 2014 (Moon Cheese Baby).


“The end result is some excellent chemistry. …As a quartet, they produce a sound that unites dream pop and garage rock.” – NeatBeet

“On its B-side, ‘Every Crime,’ the New Haven quartet gets even dreamier, with guitars and chimed ‘ooh’s that reverberate through brazen chords.” – The Deli

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