Violent MaeViolent Mae is Becky Kessler and Floyd Kellogg, an indie duo born out of Casa de Warrenton Recording Studio in Hartford, Conn. From a whisper to a roar, their sound fills any space…garage, car or theater. Kessler’s vocals are low, resonant and airy like a woodwind. She plays on a heavy electric hollow body guitar with a bigsby whammy bending whole chords for dramatic effect. It’s moody, dark and overdriven with bright, electric punctuation. Kellogg’s arms dance and slam edgy drum patterns driven by melodic low tom lines. The performance feels almost tribal and inspires any crowd to move and smile. The duo share influences like Morphine, Sonic Youth and the Pixies. Their debut album is due in October 2013.


Worn Out My Welcome by VIOLENT MAE

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