Straight to VHSStraight to VHS is a garage rock trio comprised of Jon Young, Jay Silva, and Tim Donnel, whose melodic chorus hooks and adrenaline filled, teeth-kicking rock, mirrors the spirit of their gritty yet beautiful hometown of New London, CT. As music reviewer Max Mercy, of, says, “People who think of Connecticut solely as a state full of country clubs and gold-lined streets have never been to New London. And anybody who’s wondering where the spirit of punk-rock is these days can find it there. While listening to [Straight to VHS] I smelled stale beer and sweat. I felt concrete under my sneakers. I saw dive bars and littered parking lots and empty strip malls. Suburbia after nightfall.”

In 2010 and 2011, Straight to VHS were recognized by the New London music award show, The Whalie Awards, taking home the award for Best Alternative Performance for their song “Patchwork City” and Record of the Year for their EP “Self-Titled”. featured the brief but stormy history of Straight to VHS in a four part video series celebrating the release of their first full-length album “Rewinder” in December of 2012. “Rewinder” earned the band an impressive three Whalie awards: Best Indie Rock Band, Best Indie Rock Performance, and Rock/Pop Album of the Year. The album has since drawn comparisons to the work of the Sex Pistols, The Wipers, The Kinks, MC5, and early 90’s Sub Pop.

CT Indie writes of Straight to VHS “I find myself revisiting this one whenever I need a good shot in the arm, it’s just as good as black coffee. The whole thing just sounds perfectly unwashed and covered with grime, just like those jeans you’ve had hanging in the closet since 1993.


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