SlimWraySlim Wray is a bombastic, irreverent rock ‘n roll band based on thunderous drums and gritty, fuzz-driven guitar riffs. The Brooklyn-based band formed in the middle of 2011, when Howzr and Chris Moran, who had played in previous bands together, decided to do a new project that was more stripped-down and raw. With so much playing history together, Chris and Howzr had developed a tight musical chemistry that results in focused, interlocked playing and raucous energy. Slim Wray is releasing its debut album, Sack Lunch, and has released the first 3 tracks online. Chris grew-up in the Hudson Valley and Howzr hails from the cornfields of Indiana.

“Slim Wray has all of the grit and grime of a true American rock band.” -The Deli

“This two-man band from Brooklyn harness a guitar sound that’s a cross between a thousand angry hornets and a busted tailpipe on your uncle’s long neglected BSA.” -THRUST

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