SlanderSlander is a rock band playing pop songs, a pop band playing rock songs.

The group recorded their debut single with Daniel Schlett in September 2012 at Strange Weather in Brooklyn. The A side~ “Magnets”, is an incredible slab of post punk magic, while the single is backed with “Ghosts”~ a truly emotional and captivating piece of songwriting. The single has been featured on Obscure Sound, Indie Shuffle,, Stereogum, and other blogs since it’s release. the group has received some good words on the record:

Stereogum said: “The sound on their promising single “Magnets” b/w “Ghosts” certainly honors guitars and, at times, the post-punk era, though the music’s substantive emotionality is more direct and coiled, less bombastic and arty — a combination of sweeping ’70s guitar rock sound with a more gnarled punk spirit.”

Obscure Sound said: ” ..A hoarse guitar rhythm kicks off the track before percussion signals a ferocious howl from Julia Farrar. Her vocals range from deep-spoken mumblings to sensual howls, the tonal variation resulting in a phenomenal performance that carries the track at times.” said: “And suddenly a thrashing blur emanated from Mystic, Ct. …This mythos is an apt description of post-punks Slander and their latest single ‘Magnets,’ a roaring anthem filled with dark rock goodness. Elements of psych-pop and noise rock fill in all the gaps with a fine cement, hurling the song forward like a toaster toward an electro-magnet.”

They have recently been hitting the road, playing shows in NYC with Weekend, Field Mouse, Fear of Men, Bad Credit No Credit, and Lodro, as well as dates in New London and New Haven with Nightmare Air, The Suicide Dolls, Daphne Lee Martin and Fatal Film. Earlier this year the band was featured at Stereogum as one of their recent “Bands to Watch” and made their video reviews as well. Slander released their first video- a long form, single story that encompasses both songs from their debut single, via Portfire/MysticmusicArcv in January.
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