FatalFilmFatal Film plays a driving rock that conjures the sonic storm of Dinosaur Jr, The Seeds and Buzzcocks alike. Fatal Film’s debut full-length Thrill’r was an unholy brew of chemical riffs, incendiary space bass jams & pornstar politic.  The group has been playing seedy night clubs all over the northeast for the better part of a decade and spreading their salacious gospel with a handful of dynamic and sonik eps since Thrill’r’s hit the airwaves in 2008.  This autumn will see the release of the definitive testament in ‘Fatal Film’ – the self-titled sophomore full-length featuring a dozen tracks of pure essential rock.

“This is confident, boisterous, wild music with the gears of garage and ’80s gnashing indie rock. It’s shot full of adrenalin energy, dirty, clashing riffing, feral but cool vocals by the great Matt Potter EQed on stun, and a rocks-off buzzing smarts that makes you stop doing whatever your attention-span-deficient multitasking self was and pay excited attention.” — Jack Rabid, Big Takeover


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