Elison JacksonAs 2013 rounds the corner of midsummer ripeness, a new Elison Jackson LP finds its way to wax this September. Like all of its predecessors, Do Not Fear To Kill A Dead Man continues to exude an apparent inherent knowledge surrounding what moves, squirms, and pulsates behind the wall, under the floorboards, below the sea. Elison Jackson’s music is somehow tied to what dwells in the halls that lie beneath the ground. And while, for now, the band has left the lofts and basements behind, they’ve not strayed too far from the source – Do Not Fear To Kill A Dead Man was recorded in a studio, that’s in a basement.

Back on the surface, the new record continues in the direction trending toward broader production, as well as the use of more instruments and an expanded sound. No matter where it goes, or how it goes, the Elison Jackson sound throbs with inexplicable soundtrack quality. Some film out there is begging to be tracked by the music of Elison Jackson, whose most common denominator is deathly perfection. Death is perfection of course – the great equalizer, and one of only two guarantees, two required fulfillments in life – and after the birth of a new Elison Jackson album, deathly perfection is guaranteed. In all it’s promised profundity, beauty, and genius.

“I Do Believe She Flew Out the Drain Pipe is hands down one of the best things you’ll hear out of the CT music scene this year.” – CT.com

“Dreamy, unconventional, and sometimes spooky…withheld, exciting, and beautiful.” -Johan Schoenmakers, Altcountry Forum (One of 2010’s best)

“Both dreamy and sometimes (delightfully) creepy in their imagery, there is much to explore on this disc…the sheer swelling of feeling can’t be tempered. It’s so clear that a lot of heart and soul went into crafting this material.” – Melanie Love, the Daily Vault


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