AvaLunaFor Ava Luna, the past few years have been a testament to their dogged pursuit of that process. Formed by Hernandez, Ava Luna is comprised of long-time friends Ethan Bassford (bass) , Julian Fader (drums), Felicia Douglass (vocals, synth), NathanTompkins (synth), and Becca Kauffman (vocals, guitar), who all met in New York City. Pulling from years of music theory, training, and personal history, each bandmate contributes their own personal style. “There’s not many bands that you can push a lot of music into tiny sections” says Dev Gupta from Twin Sister. “I think Ava Luna’s songs are really structurally complex. In terms of lots of parts and of changes from moving one feeling to another, those tiny moments are amazing.” Hernandez formed the band years ago with the intention of making music that he could produce at his own pace and integrate with his own style. Eventually, the band grew and evolved, but the band’s progression never strayed from the initial principle. “The idea would be there would be no studio stuff at all; almost like a punk band, just these raw elements, and this energy with a lot of space to write and perform music”, says Hernandez, who also happens to be the son of a well-known soul DJ in New York. With that influence, Ava Luna has carved out a niche of soul-punk in New York City and beyond.



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