skobieWork Horse isn’t just a moniker, it should be a job title. Combine a massacre of Punk rock, Glitch-hop, and more underground rap than you could fathom, then garnish it with a box of nails, and you’ll find Skobie Won. A producer, a rapper, and an artist all on the same pallet. DIY from the roots of Connecticut came his angsty and edgy debut album, Autodidact. His current magnum opus, “Bedlam and Squalor”, is sure to be a refined continuation of an ever-evolving artist. Skobie Won provokes thought, makes you question your morals, and question authority. On stage you can witness the mastery in action…just don’t blink or you could catch an elbow from a raged fan, provoked by Skobie Won and Sexual Healing. Sexual Healing, the spawn of Erik Lamb and Skobie Won, has tipped the proverbial scales. Miracle grow works wonders.

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