graverobberportrait_05bwJames Maple is Country as anything you are ever going to hear out of the Nutmeg State, yet at the same time still manages to maintain that sort of Americana/indie-folk aesthetic that made GraveRobbers a popular band amongst the indie rock crowd. You didn’t need a flannel shirt or boots to enjoy GraveRobbers but with Maple’s new project you may want to dust them off. He is a direct descendant of the great lineage of songwriters who just seethe “America”. Visions of things like old factory towns, long, dusty highways, and mama hanging the laundry on the line while the kids play in the yard abound here. He’s as good a story-teller as you’re going to hear and most of his stories are filled with the kind of heartache and sorrow that unfortunately too many of us can so easily relate to.

Paste Magazine “Newport Folk Festival” featured artist video:

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