“Family of Love” is a small collection of sensory pop tunes, bringing together teenie bop with space rock. Inspired mostly by Mariah Carey, Judy Nylon and David Bowie, the songs reflect a cosmic and sometimes dark vibe via a bubblegum medium. Produced by Nicolas Vernhes (Animal Collective, Bjork), the 5 song EP maintains the hazy, dreamy feel of last year’s “Sun Bronzed Greek Gods”, but expands the quality and dynamic of Dom’s songs in a colorful way.

“At first glance, Dom don’t come across as particularly ambitious. During our interview with the Worcester indie-pop outfit last year, their eponymous frontman mentioned that one of the benefits of living in the Massachusetts town was the lax laws on weed possession. About a month later, they put an ad on Craigslist for what essentially sounded like a band babysitter. In the year and a half leading up to Dom’s second EP, Family of Love, they released their debut Sun Bronzed Greek Gods EP twice, the most recent reissue coming from big-dog label Astralwerks. If you didn’t get the idea from the bratty, debauched video for “Living In America” (again, the second clip for the song in less than a year’s time), the story about how Dom (the person, and band frontman) got lost on tour while tripping on ecstasy should clue you in to how these guys like spending their time.

So, yeah, not exactly the picture of industriousness, these ones, which also means Family of Love’s brevity– five songs in just under 17 minutes– doesn’t exactly encourage high expectations out of the gate. The real (and very welcome) shock, then, is how well-honed those five songs sound. This stuff is packed with detail, both silly (the telephone keypad solo on “Telephone”) and ambitious (“Damn”‘s sea of golden guitar lines). A few songs bleed into each other, like parts of a larger whole; the album’s most straightforward synth-pop cut, “Happy Birthday Party”, dissolves into rumpled noise and fluttering flutes towards its close. These are rich, dense-sounding compositions.” -Pitchfork

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